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Mark M.
hello, Yacire!
how can I help you today?
Hi Mark
i have a question about Intent and pendingIntent
i launch an activity with a pendingIntent and AlarmManager and it works very well
9:30 AM
but when my activity finnish (with finnish() method) i have the previous Activity but i want to see the Android desktop
Mark M.
your PendingIntent is creating a new instance of the activity
that is going into the same task as some earlier instance of the activity
depending on what you want, either launch the second instance into a separate task, or use Intent flags/manifest entries to not create a second instance of the activity, but instead bring the first instance back to the foreground
you will see material on this in the chapter on tasks in the book
(the chapter begins on page 1791 of Version 7.1, for example)
Thank you very much Mark i will see this chapter, bye
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