Android Application Development Training

CommonsWare recognizes that books only get you so far. If your development team needs to get up to speed quickly on programming for Android — or your organization wishes to host a public day-long seminar on a specific Android development topic — professional Android development training can instill more knowledge more quickly.

Introductory Android App Development Training

CommonsWare works with Opersys to offer introductory Android app development training, tailored to meet your organization's needs.

This course includes:

  • Intro to Android and App Development
  • Intro to Gradle, the Manifest, Resources, and Assets
  • Android Internals, the Process Model, and Intro to Security
  • Activities, Widgets, and Containers
  • Adapters and AdapterView
  • WebView
  • Using JARs and Libraries
  • The Action Bar
  • Multiple Activities and the Activity Lifecycle
  • Fragments and ViewPager
  • Resource Sets and Configuration Changes
  • Threads
  • Preferences, Files, and Parsers
  • Databases
  • Internet Access
  • Intents, Filters, and Broadcasts
  • Service Concepts
  • AlarmManager and Notifications
  • ContentProviders
  • Dealing with Multiple Screen Sizes and Densities
  • Dealing with Different Hardware
  • Remote Services and the Binding Pattern
  • Testing Basics
  • Security and Device Administration
  • More on Gradle

To discuss training content, including creating a custom agenda for your organization, feel free to contact Mark Murphy.

Advanced Android App Development Training

CommonsWare can also offer advanced Android app development training, assembled in part from a series of packaged one-day seminars on:

If you are interested in advanced Android app development training for your organization, contact Mark Murphy.

Gradleware Virtual Training

CommonsWare also offers a virtual course on Gradle for Android in conjunction with Gradleware. This is a half-day course taught via a Web conferencing system, so you can join from the comfort of your home or office.


CommonsWare offers webinars on Android development topics, with members of the Warescription program receiving 80% off the ticket price.

Conference Videos

All of these offerings are taught by Mark Murphy, founder of CommonsWare. If you wonder if Mark Murphy is a decent speaker, you are welcome to watch some videos taken of conference presentations and other events.